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MultiModalMinds consists of a number of enthusiastic specialists who combine years of experience in various branches of logistics and logistic affiliated fields. We are open to accept any challenge that you may raise with us.
Our own experts and the experts in our network, all have a no-nonsense attitude and in-depth knowledge in their own specific field.

The company was founded in 2020 by Johan and Tim (see below for details), both originating from and living in The Netherlands. In their 30 and 20 years of experience in (multimodal) logistics, they experienced a growing necessity and need for sustainable forms of logistics. On the other hand they also witnessed how many, both logistic and production, companies were not ready for the transition. Some of the companies even ended up in financial problems. With increasing pressure from governments on companies to transform business models, they saw it as their responsibility and as a chance to contribute to the transformation of the logistics industry and share their knowledge and network.


Creating sustainable logistic solutions

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